T™Nespresso® Espresso Maker by KitchenAid®

Nespresso® Espresso Maker by KitchenAid®™

$89.00  $499.99

The Nespresso® Espresso Maker by KitchenAid® combines the iconic and premium metal design from KitchenAid with an innovative technology (19 bar pressure system) guaranteeing the incomparable Nespresso coffee quality.

Easy Loading Capsule System

Compatible with Nespresso pods in over 22 Grand Crus available through the Nespresso Club.

Brew Strength Selector

6 preprogrammed settings for espresso just how you like it.

Quick Start Up

Heats up and ready to brew in under 30 seconds.

1.3 L Removable Water Tank

To quickly and easily fill with fresh water.

Adjustable Cup Shelf

Accepts large or small espresso cups and folds up for your convenience.

Model KES0503 includes

(1) Welcome set of 16 Nespresso capsules